TSD Floorplanning Services

TSD floor plan services was started in order to provide consumers with the ability to make an educated purchase of a new residence. In the process, we discovered that our service was also valuable to realtors and builders as a marketing tool.
We give the realtor the ability to provide a floor plan to every prospective buyer at the time of a showing. In the case of difficult floor plans, we can provide furniture layouts.
We can provide builders with a review of their plans in order to insure they are creating a residence with efficient use of space and traffic flow. The result is an increase in desirability.
Home Owner
Potential homeowners can use our review service which includes a survey to insure that their existing and future furnishing needs will be met prior to making a substantial residential purchase.
A home that is large enough in square footage may NOT work well unless the space is organized appropriately.

#1 - *This condo floor plan allows dining table placement in the midst of a traffic pattern.
#2 - *Curved Den wall is limiting for furniture placement.

*Drop-leaf dining table to open traffic pattern.
*Straighten Den wall to a right angle with entry relocated to foyer.

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