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Design Process

• Client Interview, Questionnaire and Information Gathering
• Inventory / Photo-Documentation of Existing Furnishings
• Field Measure / Photo-Documentation of Existing Space
• Preparation of Budgets for Products and Labor
• Preliminary & Final Execution of Floor Plans, Lighting Plans, Elevations, and Perspective   Sketches, Sample Boards of Textiles, Surfaces, Paint, Colors, Etc.
• Resourcing and Selection of:
  » Wall, Floor & Window Treatments / Coverings
  » Lighting Products
  » Surface Materials & Colorings
  » Furniture Styling & Upholstery Selections
  » Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry, Appliances, Fixturing, Hardware, Etc.
  » Occasional Furniture, Lamps, Accessories, Artwork, and Plant Greenery
(The above selection can be done for you OR with you)
• Finalize Specifications and Place Orders
• Communication & Co-ordination Between Client, Architect, Contractor, & Trades People
• Built-Ins, Cabinetry Work, Custom Closetry, Etc. to be Designed in Collaboration with   Carpenters, Architects, Contractors, or Trades, Etc.
• Job Site Observation
• Job Site "Sitting" for Deliveries, Installations, Etc.